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Combining football and education in one platform

Soccertistics is a brand new educational e-learning platform aimed at all age groups following the national curriculum to aid essential learning skills


Education platform aimed at Reception & Key Stages 1, 2 & 3 learning ability and levels


Utilising the power of football we can combine this passion with education in one easy to use online platform


Essential child learning and development throughout the academic school year

Combining football with education

At Home or In School

Soccertistics provides the ideal educational learning platform based on your local football club, following the national curriculum to further develop essential personal development and learning skills

Soccertistics is a new e-learning platform which utilises the UK’s national sport ‘Football’ combining with 6 core educational subjects all in one easy to use web based application will help develop your child's educational aspects from Reception (4 & 5 years) age groups through to Key Stage 3 higher education learning modules.

We utilise the development of our unique football results database which holds information on every football club's performance dating back to the 1880s. Mixing this information with a combination of core curriculum subject elements offers much more than your existing e-learning platforms currently available. Enhancing the end user learning experience we can incorporate AR and VR technology to create a more personalised and engaging learning environment either in school or at home.

Educational subjects include English (Literature), Maths, Geography, History, Art & Design and IT skills. Using a football focus combined with everyday communication skills offers a fun game style learning opportunity for each child to develop new skills.

We are Soccertistics.

Football, Education, Learning, Personal Development & Communication skill set development


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Our E-Learning features

Reception & Key Stage 1

Early years learning is essential for parents and teachers to understand each pupil level of ability, utilising our easy to use backend progress system it's easy to check on progress & development.

Key Stage 2

The next level in learning ability as Soccertistics will enhance the level of questions and answers required for each module. Creating a more in depth classroom or home based learning activity covering more subject matters.

Key Stage 3

Higher education intense questioning which includes more research based topics and modules, development of a full research & coursework based teaching element to our online courses.

Personal Development

Each soccertistics user can further enhance in there own time and space their personal learning development through our education platform.

Communication Skills

Communication is key to every life situation and through Soccertistics we can aid communication skills through our learning topics with both teachers and family members.

Core Subjects Covered

Continued learning and development in all core school subjects - English, Reading, Maths, History, Geography and IT skills.

Home Based or Classroom

Our online education platform is perfectly accessible whether in the classroom or at home with simple pupil user access codes and available on all devices.

Access Anywhere & Any Device

Through simple individual pupil access codes the soccertistics platform is available to use on any computer or mobile device which is connected to the internet

Power of Football

Fully utilising the power of football to help aid and develop pupils and students learning and personal development, soccertistics is the ideal platform available.

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What Our Users Say

"Soccertistics provides an ideal in school or home based learning activity covering many subject matters in one easy to use platform."
East Yorkshire school
"As a parent we are really impressed with the way our child is learning through using Soccertistics, the progress reports are easy to use and monitor our child's development."
East Yorkshire
"The level of detail and quality of questions makes Soccertistics an ideal platform to develop each child's abilities across a number of important subjects, highly recommended."
West Yorkshire

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